25 août, 2010

3 designs for the DSC

DSC stands for "Direction de la Sécurité Civile", which is the French Civile Defence (Emergency services, Cops, Fire Fighters, etc...).

20 mai, 2010

"Le Magasin des Suicides"

Voilà, ça y est, j'ai commencé le board sur le prochain long métrage de Patrice Leconte, adapté du livre de Jean Teulé. On est 4 dessus, et je suis plutôt content des séquences que j'ai à faire. Bon, évidement, je ne présenterai rien ici, à part les quelques visuels officiels déjà disponibles sur le net. Il ya un petit teaser, visible ICI.
Just started sketching up few scenes on the animated feature "The Suicide Shop" from french director Patrice Leconte, inspired from a book from Jean Teulé. We are 4 (talented) storyboard artists, and I ended up with pretty nice sequences. Of course I won't post anything about it here, I'm only showing what's already available on the web. Teaser can be seen HERE.

11 mai, 2010

Left hand drawing.

It's been a while since my last posting and all I'm posting is this loosy drawing...sorry.

29 mars, 2010

Goofy Lagoon

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Here's the show I'm working on right now - doing storyboards: Goofy Lagoon, directed by the talented Olivier Jean-Marie, yup, the one from "Oggy and the Cockroaches".

04 mars, 2010

Nominee... again!

One of my Atomic Betty storyboard has been selected for the Golden Storyboard Award.
Unlike the Kidscreen award 2010, I hope, this time, I'll win!

20 février, 2010

an Incredible™ moment in my board...

Just draw that last night, and when I wake up I've found this character pretty familar....