14 janvier, 2008

I was on TV last night.

It's been 3 days that the show is aired on Teletoon, and yesterday, that was episode number 3 starring ME as a wannabe famous again actor.

ela fait 3 jours que la série est diffusée sur Teletoon au canada et hier c'était le tour de l'épisode 3 òu JE fais une apparition dans le rôle d'un acteur raté.

"Fred's Head" on Teletoon and soon on France2.
"Blaise le Blasé" sur Teletoon et bientôt sur France2.

03 janvier, 2008

Oh happy days...

Oh yes it's me. This first post of 2008 is specially made for those who always thought I was a liar when I said I was a ballet dancer, an awarded rock dancer as well as a bass player - doing some solo (sometimes).

Please don't mind the socks, I was young and we were in the 80's.