29 avril, 2006

Google video test

I'm wondering wich one is better*...Google or Youtube.
Google seems more efficient but takes way more time to approuve uploaded videos...

*UPDATE: answers are in the following comments and also HERE...

20 avril, 2006


my Paris roommate Hemmeth Hhall just created a cool strip.

....that strip is cool too, from Bena (another guy from the Atomic Betty crew).


a TV commercial I did...
animation by Florian, music by Alexis.

17 avril, 2006

Zorro Vs. Darth Vader

...and while men are fighting to death, lovely princesses are dancing...

Carnaval de L'école Victor Hugo - 31 Mars 2006
Hi-res of the movie HERE.

06 avril, 2006

Are you ready for...

... for a Madagascar sequel?

It's unfair though, 'cause Disney came up with the idea BEFORE Dreamworks, but they were too slow to produce.

Or so it seems...

Do "Antz" and "Bug's Life" ring a bell to you?

Art by Nanoneen

Testing flash on my blog.....

Some sketches I've made... (works properly now.....)

02 avril, 2006

Bitfilm 06

Just finished an animated promo for the Bitfilm Festival in Hamburg (Germany). Hope to be invited..

Back in Business

Okee, it's been a while since my last post. I have tons of stuff to upload, and some of them are old. But since i'm gonna move to Montréal pretty soon, i've decided to update my blog more often.
Art by Kent Reimer.