27 novembre, 2009

On Board

Spending most of time boarding theses days.
Good thing about it? ..I've almost finished... this one.

26 novembre, 2009

Mom will be proud

"My Life Me" is nominated for best Animated Series in the KidScreen Awards tween/teen category!

16 novembre, 2009

I had to...

..so I did an online portfolio.

so HERE it is.
Indeed, some of the drawings are quite old, but still, now I have a place where they all saved online, supposily for ever.

06 novembre, 2009

My Life Me

Hoorray! At least someone remembers that I actually co-directed the show.

*update* Though some would complain about it on Twitter, I like this article since it is the very first one that associate my name to that project - it's always nice not be forgotten when you spend more than a year on a show like that.